Guru has impacted the hip hop nation since the 1980’s with his unique insight and powerful delivery that garnered him mass appeal.  He has left a number of stains on, peoples’ brains with the knowledge he kicked and has made it quite clear that no one can step into his arena. It was his daily operation to educate minds with thoughts and worldly views that stretched beyond comprehension . The man flat-out had Skillz. He was never afraid to battle rap and leave you there right where you stand, nor was he to proud to convey that he was lovesick though we knew he would move from ex to the next. He forced us all to take a look at ourselves and how we’re living, prepping us for our moment of truth. A master of his art form who’s rep just  grows bigger, Guru is Royalty. He’ll be watching over hip hop from above the clouds raining down, holding it down. Hip Hop has lost a legend. The world has lost an extraordinary man.  He lives through the music he left behind because they are the words that he manifested. GURU was truly gifted and unlimited with rhymes that were universal.

Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff